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The name's Pet-Lover SHERLYN. I own 2 Chihuahuas named WHISKY :D and BOLT :D and 1 toy poodle named POOH.
I LOVE them A LOT :D.


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    Saturday, July 3, 2010

    yesterday to tired to post after plating at universal studio.
    okay took a lot of pictures put i too lazy to post cause there are like 100 pictures??
    went to eat at vivo first then took the monorail there.
    i went with my family and my cousins. went to far far away first. went to watch a 4D shrek show. it was so cool and fun cause the chair will move and when the donkey or anything else have water and sneeze, got water spray in us. at first have to queue like siao but my uncle bought the fast pass for us so it felt like we were cutting queue but that was the privilege.everyone was like looking at us why we can cut queue.

    ok next we went to sit a roller coaster at the lost world. only for could sit. at first it went very slowly the it went so fast. we tot that it would be very slow but in the end it wasn't.

    next we went to play more roller coasters.
    can't write abt all if not it will be hard to explain. i will tell u all in sch wad happened
    the last ride we played was a ride that made us wet i forgot wad was the name but it was fun. half of my body was wet from head to toe.
    okay the after that we went to eat dinner and went home

    thats all for now bye bye people.

    Pet-lover [SHERLYN!]

    Wednesday, June 30, 2010

    heyys sry for not updating. okay sch has started but i am still in the holiday mood. my holiday also didn't felt like a holiday cause did project and had guzheng like for almost the whole last two weeks of sch.........

    okay today had chinese for the first two periods. only two periods had past but i already feeling tired cause it was chinese.... bad subject to start the day.
    then had english for 1 period, read Reader's Digest then left for recess.
    after recess had chem but miss liang never come. was suppose to go to computer lab but in the end we did work in class. got relived by mrs chia.
    after chem had bio, didn't do much cause only got one period. so waited for the class to finish cutting the worksheet.
    after bio had lit, did group work for lit. then when miss goh left, li an go shake my head and said think. then i got a shocked and screamed. then mrs chia came in to ask people to write their names. then she stared at me cause i screamed. felt so pai seh........
    then went to the hall for assembly. listen to people about their overseas trip. then went home.

    after going home, ate lunch then send my dogs for grooming. then my poodle got a new look he looked weird but cute.

    okay then thats all for now bye people.

    Pet-lover [SHERLYN!]

    Thursday, June 10, 2010

    heyys people i am back in singapore. Sry for not updating cause the internet connection in my house in indonesia was not very good.

    okays stayed at home to play with my cousins and went out most of the time with my aunts and uncles.

    On the 5th of june was my cousin's birthday. it was my younger cousin. had a lot of fun. watched them play games and then had dinner and also helped to give out the birthday souvenier :D
    then after the birthday party went down to my dad's billiard place and played with my friend and my brother. played until 10pm then went home.

    on the 3rd last day there went to eat at my grandmother's steak house. we had a bbq dinner. it was eating in soul garden..... had to cook the food ourselves.

    on the second last day, went out with my aunts and uncles. ate at the food court. after dinner went to eat yoghurt it wad damn sour but got the chocolate to make it not so sour.
    then went to EXCELSO CAFE. we drank some ice blended drinks and played cards. it felt so awkward cause i was the only children there..... the rest were all adults......

    the on the last day called my aunts and uncles to come over and eat ice cream. we ate Baskin Robins ice cream. we ate like 3 tubs of ice cream. then my neighbour which is also my cousin came over to play. then played till 10 then they went home. my aunt and uncle stayed till like 11 then they went home.

    thats most of my trip and wad i did there so thats all
    bye people

    Pet-lover [SHERLYN!]

    Wednesday, May 26, 2010


    okay on sunday and monday was just a day of packing.
    on tuesday didn't go to school cause my mum and i scared that i will get sick then cannot go overseas.

    okay now i am blogging in Indonesia. So people pls dun call or sms me. just contact me through facebook or msn.

    okay bye people see u soon.

    Pet-lover [SHERLYN!]

    Saturday, May 22, 2010


    okay yesterday went to school.after school went to to pick up my brother. after picking him sent him to tuition. after sending him we went home. played with the dogs after we got home.
    then at 4 i mum went to pick him. went to the school roadshow in my primary school. cause this year my brother P6 then got this talk by the principal and went to see the schools at the roadshow.
    after the roadshow, went to Vivo city. we ate dinner there at burger king. saw revanth when i was eating. after eating when to coco tree to buy chocolates cause my mum wanted to bring back some chocolates to give to some of her friends.
    went to page one after that, bought two new files and some pens.
    went home and reached home about 11.

    okay today, bathed my dogs and had lunch before that. stayed at home until 6 then went for bowling. when u reached the club we then knew that we could only play until 6.45 cause there will be a tournament later on so played for half an hour then went to eat dinner.
    after dinner went back home to rest for a while cause we decided to play bowling again. at 9 we went to the bowling alley again. saw bryan and some newtowners there as well. played until 11.30pm then left. my highest score today was 120 yeah so happy :D.
    came home then played with my dogs. after that took a shower then play com and now blogging.

    okay thats all people bye bye

    Pet-lover [SHERLYN!]

    Thursday, May 20, 2010


    today went to school , had three periods straight of mdm nisah =_=....... then recess. after recess had maths. suppose to have two periods for maths but on period taken over by ms tan cause she wanted to return our geog papers. so did one period of filing for maths. got B3 for geog..... sad LI AN WIN ME AGAIN !!! -_- damn it..... suddenly all his results all so good.
    okay then had bio then did filing but i forgot to bring my file so slacked. after bio was music then stayed until 12.30 then went off for the literature play.

    the play was so nice and funny. the whole class should have gone lor. it was so nice.......
    after the play went to the market near by to eat lunch with isabel, jia ying, ashley lee, hannah, keith, zhong xuan, yi xin and shannon.
    after eating i left then they all went to the playground to play.
    went to the pet shop after that to buy some dog food then after going there went home.
    ate dinner and watched tv played with my dogs then went to bath.
    after bathing now blogging and playing com


    Pet-lover [SHERLYN!]

    Wednesday, May 19, 2010

    heyys everyone i forgot to post yesterday sry people.
    yesterday after school went to OG to buy some stuff then saw a slipper that was something like a slipper i think its called ballet shoes. something like. then wanted to buy but my size no more liao sad -_- i wanna buy it. but my mum say go to another place to buy so yup.
    then went home after that.

    today had johor trip briefing stay in the hall do nothing cause i am not going then hear them talk about wad they are going to do there wad can buy wad cannot...... it was damn boring -_ -
    then after school wanted to go to vivo but then in the end never go cause i had to do the 3 english compre paper....... then before going home went to buy lunch. after buying lunch went to a person's house then bought a plastic cage for my dogs.
    okay after eating lunch, bathed my dogs. then after bathing my dogs, i did my 3 compre paper and then practice guzheng for a while mow playing com and blogging.

    kaayyys thats all people bye bye

    Pet-lover [SHERLYN!]